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Hi. I’m Amina Waldron and I’m the founder and Managing Director of Youth Elements.

I’ve been passionate about helping young people for many years. I was inspired by working in two youth clubs and went on to study Youth and Community Work at university.

In 2007 I took a group of young people to some deprived neighbourhoods in Cape Town, South Africa which provided all of us with a vivid insight into challenges that others face.

These experiences were the inspiration for me to set up Youth Elements in 2011.

We are a youth-led social enterprise providing lifelong learning opportunities for young people and supporting them as they gain the skills, knowledge and experience that will help them to build a bright future.

I have built strong partnerships with fellow professionals in sectors such as health, education, social work and housing and - inspired by my experience in South Africa - have supported a number of international youth projects.

Recently I was delighted to be invited to join the first ever Clore6 Youth Sector Emerging Leaders programme.

This is a prestigious six-month course that will give me the chance to work alongside youth leaders from other charities and organisations across the UK.

The most exciting thing is that all the skills and knowledge I pick up will be used to benefit the individuals that Youth Elements supports and help achieve our ultimate goal. I hope to develop my skills and networks across the youth sector so I can strengthen the power of youth-led opportunities.

I’ll be providing regular updates on this and all the great work that Youth Elements is doing in my blog so please take a look.

Prior to establishing Youth Elements, I have worked for the Youth Engagement Service in Reading as a Youth and Community worker. I was also appointed as the first Youth Involvement Co-ordinator for a housing association in Manchester.

At Youth Elements we’re proud of our past achievements and excited about our future challenges as we aim to unlock potential and inspire success. It’s proving to be a wonderful journey for lots of people - and we’d love it if you’d join us on it!

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Amina has encouraged me to reach my full potential by reassuring me that I can do tasks that I may find intimidating at first. However, after doing it, I realise it's something that I do have the confidence to do.

Cheyenne Simms, 20

I have worked with Amina for the last 12 months and consider her to be inspirational and dedicated to helping meet the needs of the most disadvantaged and hard to reach individuals. She is able to empower and support them and enable progression routes. Her offer is varied and bespoke and I am pleased to have been able to provide support in my capacity.

Daniel Mountford, Funding and Policy Coordinator, Great Places Housing Group

Amina is kind and reputable individual. I had the pleasure of coming across her just over a year ago where she delivered some mentoring training. Since meeting Amina my career has gone from strength to strength and it's a real credit to the way she engaged and empowered me.

Roman Dibden, 19

I have known Amina for over 12 years now from when I first attended youth club in Whitley, where I was in care. We made an instant connection and she supported me with dance and achieving my goal. I became an ambassador for her company in 2012 as I believed in its success due to Amina's work ethics and enthusiasm.

Melissa Duncan, 27

Amina has taught me skills that I didn't know I had the comprehension to learn. Besides being understanding, caring and empathic mentor Amina is by far a person that I have had the upmost privilege to know and work with.

Tom Byrne, 23


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