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Youth Elements was set up in 2011 to help young people aged 7 - 30 make the most of their potential and achieve success and happiness.

We are a youth-driven organisation and have a proven track record of helping young people to improve their confidence, social skills, physical and mental health and employment prospects.

By providing highly effective training and mentoring programmes and working closely with youth sector professionals, Youth Elements has made a real difference and enabled many young people to build a positive future.

Why was Youth Elements set up?

We were set up in response to a large rise in youth unemployment to tackle the isolation and despondency this caused among many of those affected.

Many of the young people we help come from disadvantaged backgrounds and are dependent on benefits or low wages. Their communities often have high levels of crime and unemployment while the young people have low self-esteem and low aspirations.

Youth Elements is empowering many young people to tackle these issues - but we want to do even more.

Young people are at the heart of our activities

We drew up our aims after carrying out extensive consultation with young people.

This revealed a lack of experience, skills and confidence when applying for jobs and building a positive and healthy future.

Youth Elements has helped young people overcome these obstacles through a range of training programmes and one-to-one mentoring.

Much of our training is led by young people who use their experience and insight to help others while further boosting their own skills and confidence.

Who we help

Our focus is on:

  • people who are not in employment, education or training (NEET)
  • young offenders
  • school leavers
  • vulnerable young people in schools

By helping young people develop their confidence and sense of community we can help them to build a positive future for themselves and others. The ways we do this include:

  • supporting young people in improving their personal and work skills so that they have the knowledge and confidence to make the right choices in the future
  • listening to young people and making sure their voice is heard
  • helping young people take part in community projects to give them a sense of belonging
  • providing lifelong learning opportunities

Youth Elements is committed to helping all young people play a positive role in their community regardless of:

improve confidence, social skills
  • age
  • gender
  • sexuality
  • nationality
  • disability
  • gender reassignment
  • ethnic origin
  • political beliefs
  • religion

Above all we unlock the potential of young people by showing them that their background is no barrier to success.

We help young people enjoy good mental, physical and emotional wellbeing and make the most of their educational opportunities to enjoy positive and rewarding lives.
improve mental and physical heath
improve employment prospects
development programmes for young people
improve emotional wellbeing
help young people learn employment skills
help for unemployed young people

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